«Rausch – Extase – Rush»

From vital to life-threatening and from enriching to destructive – this is how intoxication and the pursuit of it affect human existence. The temporary exhibition “Rausch – Extase – Rush” at the Bernisches Historisches Museum will stimulate and deceive the senses of visitors from January 26 to August 13, 2023 with images, sound and information. Three of the exhibits were set to music by nice noise. We took the pulse of smokers and speeders, border crossers and hangers-on, and acoustically highlighted what releases dopamine in them. In addition, exciting facts about intoxication in evolution were revealed in our recording studio, and thanks to our modern equipment, a successful 3D audio sensory illusion was created.

Ausstellung sounddesign der projektion von nice noise

nice noise:
“Intoxication” main movie: Surround 5.1, mix and sound design
“The animal in me – intoxication in evolution”: voice recordings, mix with complementary sound design.
“Noise and sensory illusion 3D audio”: binaural recordings and sound design.

Client: Bernisches Historisches Museum
Client: Expoforum
Project management: Simon Haller
Production year: 2022

Usage: Temporary exhibition Museum
Assignment: audio experience, film dubbing