We produce entertaining spots and entire soundtracks, gripping videos and intuitive audio guides for you. We conduct large orchestras on your behalf and direct recordings with the ideal voice cast. We perfect your appearance with jingles and animations or arrange a multimedia show for lasting cultural impressions. Each work is prepared for the respective medium in a way that is suitable for the target audience and ready for distribution.


Thanks to nice noise you reach your potential clientele with charm, wit and unique stories. We create positive brand experiences with audio branding and custom in-store radio, and create radio ads that are guaranteed not to make you change the channel. We realize moving 3D audio spots and exciting clips that convey your message in impressive moments.

Entertainment / Infotainment

Inform, educate, entertain and accompany – with the help of our experience and ideas we create sensory experiences that will be remembered. We create anticipation for events with video trailers and short films. In successful podcasts and explanatory videos, we package information in an entertaining and comprehensible way. Our audio guides lead you through past times and foreign chambers, while our audio books generate heart palpitations and goose bumps.


We design the space as a living object with light, sound and images. With us, visions become tangible and the game with illusion becomes an unforgettable experience. Our multimedia shows illuminate the fascination in each theme and ensure that art installations are understood acoustically and emotionally.

Experience / Extras

Conception and creation
Music and voice recordings
Dubbing and sound design
Composition and production
Music and speaker database
Video production,
Editing and color grading
Postproduction audio and video

Show and installation scoring
Final acceptance in the cinema
prominent voices
Mix and master