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ARA Thunersee – Nomination Shortlist

The team of nice noise can be pleased about a gratifying recognition: Their significant contribution to the explanatory film of the ARA Thunersee overall plant was nominated for the prestigious “Swiss Animation Industry Award” and made it onto the shortlist.

In collaboration with Cutout-Studio and Raise your Flag, who masterfully realized the animations, nice noise contributed with sound design, recording as well as mix & master to give the film an acoustic depth and to take the audience into the world of the ARA Thunersee overall plant.

The winners will be decided during the Fantoche Animation Festival in Baden on September 5.

About the project: ARA Thunersee – Animatic


Soundtrack to a museum exhibition

We intoxicate, deceive and rob the senses with our setting of three exhibits at the Bernisches Historisches Museum. For the temporary exhibition “Rausch – Extase – Rush” we realized a 3D audio sensory illusion and the soundtracks of two films including voice recordings and sound design. The exhibition opens on January 26 and provides surprising insights into the pursuit of reward of human and animals. The show is opened until August 13th 2023.

Orchesteraufnahme mit Frau die Geige spielt

Orchestra recordings at Abbey Road

The new radio spot series from the Zurich carpentry service “Schreiner48” were recorded with an orchestra at the Abbey Road Studio in London.

The idea came about because Markus Walser had commissioned us to re-record the legendary Mariachi Schreiner48 radio spot from 2013. The first idea was that we simply let a mariachi band record the existing Schreiner48 song in the Udo Lindenberg style from 2021, speak the lyrics and we’re done. But this idea soon vanished into thin air, because it is very difficult to find a good mariachi band in our latitudes.

Moritz has already recorded many of his compositions with orchestras, that’s why the idea to record the Mariachi Song with top orchestra musicians came up. Orchestra studios can only be booked by the day and because we wanted to use 100% of the studio time, we ended up with not one, but four subjects. The best musicians for orchestral recordings can be found in Los Angeles or in London, where most of the soundtracks for Hollywood blockbuster movies are also recorded.

Thus the choice fell on London. If you want to get more info about this project, as well as listen to the finished spots, you’ll find herewhat you are looking for.

Orchesteraufnahme mit Frau die Geige spielt