Rubia Coffee Ride

We were able to realize an acoustic coffee trip of a special kind for the JURA visitor center. The total artwork of nice noise includes music composition, orchestration and orchestral recordings, sound design, foley, casting as well as the recording of the dubbing voices and last but not least the mixing of the film sound of the stirring soundtrack. To be able to guarantee the unfailing sound experience, the nice noise team was on site to perfectly coordinate sound and output technology.

When Moritz hits the keys and horns learn to fear,
When Nadja books voices and juggles numbers,
When Bobby turns the knobs and sizzles coffee,
When sound and image storm the cinemas,
Then it is not only passion and professionalism,
But the best job in the world.

Markus Reinert Art Director, Head of 3D CG, Burki Scherer AG
Orchester von Rubia Coffee Ride wird durch nice noise aufgenommen

Customer: Jura

nice noise:
Foleys, character voices, sound design, composition (Moritz Schneider), mix & master

Burki Scherer:
Animation 3D

Use: 4D cinema, visitor center JURAworld of Coffee
Production year: 2020