Bell 3D audio spot

3D audio spots open up a new dimension of communication. They are the evolution of surround sound and even create the illusion that your own stomach is growling. To kick off the barbecue season, we created a 3D audio spot for Bell’s food specialists that starts where hunger originates and culminates in a big barbecue party. Be sure to listen to this commercial with headphones.

The team of nice noise distinguishes itself with an extraordinary high know how in consulting, production and creativity. They create experiences from voices, sounds and melodies that trigger all kinds of emotions in listeners. Such was the case for our client Bell, who wanted to whet Spotify users’ appetites for barbecue. The 3D audio spot puts you in the BBQ feeling so well that you can literally smell the steak. We appreciate the professional and efficient cooperation, which is always fun and we are looking forward to further projects with them.

Darko Dunjic, Sales Director

Customer: Bell

nice noise:
3D audio conception, sound design, voice casting, voice recording, mixing and mastering

Client: TBWA Zurich

Usage: 3D audio spot Spotify
Production year: 2021