ARA Thunersee Animatic

The ARA Thunersee: An insight into its crucial role in environmental protection


The ARA Thunersee, also known as the Lake Thun Wastewater Treatment Plant, occupies a prominent position within the environmental protection infrastructure of this region. But how exactly does this important system work? How are impurities removed before the purified water is returned to Lake Thun? These issues are explored in depth in the explainer video to provide a clear understanding of how ARA Thunersee works and what it stands for.

The acoustic dimension of the video was designed by nice noise. We acoustically tuned every detail of the explainer video. From the empathetic soundtrack that supports the mood to the clear and concise explanations, our contribution helps to create a holistic and immersive experience.


nice noise:
Recording, dubbing, sound design, mixing and mastering

Raise your Flag, Cutout Studio:
Motion Design & Animation

Client: Cutout Studio

Usage: Online
Production year: 2023