The new “Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra” has a night camera with special low-light functions. Samsung therefore launched an interactive campaign in collaboration with Sir Mary, in which the young target group was sent on a spectacular night-time exploration to find hidden “Galaxy S23 Ultras”.

Music composition with tonal sound design for WAIO:
The comprehensive watch test for the salesroom.

We love to experiment with sounds and evoke emotions.
SRF Virus’s dubbing of the director’s cut makes it something special.

Experience the combination of graphics, images and sounds in a new way.
Get inspired by creativity and dive into the world of Virus with fresh sound.

The ARA Thunersee: An insight into its crucial role in environmental protection


The ARA Thunersee, also known as the Lake Thun Wastewater Treatment Plant, occupies a prominent position within the environmental protection infrastructure of this region. But how exactly does this important system work? How are impurities removed before the purified water is returned to Lake Thun? These issues are explored in depth in the explainer video to provide a clear understanding of how ARA Thunersee works and what it stands for.

The acoustic dimension of the video was designed by nice noise. We acoustically tuned every detail of the explainer video. From the empathetic soundtrack that supports the mood to the clear and concise explanations, our contribution helps to create a holistic and immersive experience.

Sound design & scoring of a dynamic motion capture animation experiment.

For “Elements in Motion”, a light and detailed sound design was created to support the conveyance of the many, minute movements on the visual level of the animation.

From vital to life-threatening and from enriching to destructive – this is how intoxication and the pursuit of it affect human existence. The temporary exhibition “Rausch – Extase – Rush” at the Bernisches Historisches Museum will stimulate and deceive the senses of visitors from January 26 to August 13, 2023 with images, sound and information. Three of the exhibits were set to music by nice noise. We took the pulse of smokers and speeders, border crossers and hangers-on, and acoustically highlighted what releases dopamine in them. In addition, exciting facts about intoxication in evolution were revealed in our recording studio, and thanks to our modern equipment, a successful 3D audio sensory illusion was created.

The radio spots of the Zurich-based carpentry service Schreiner48 have been delighting listeners for years. Now a new series has been recorded with an orchestra at the storied Abbey Road Studio in London.

Countless hits in music history – from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga – and countless film scores were created at Abbey Road. For once, however, the legendary studio wasn’t the place to record for a blockbuster like “Star Wars”; instead, an entire orchestra set about recording various subjects for the new series of radio commercials for the Swiss carpentry service Schreiner48.

The idea came about because Markus Walser from Schreiner48 asked us to create a re-recording of the legendary Mariachi Schreiner48 radio spot. But since it’s hard to find a good mariachi band in Switzerland, Bobby Gertsch and award-winning composer Moritz Schneider suggested recording the song with top orchestral musicians at Abbey Road Studio in London. nice-noise company owner Bobby Gertsch says, “The best musicians for orchestral recordings are found in Los Angeles or London, which is also where most of the soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters are recorded.”

At Abbey Road Studio, four different subjects were added to the well-known SchreinerSong with the words of Udo Jürgens songwriter Wolfgang Hofer. In addition to the mariachi theme, the spot is also available in the form of an Italian operetta, a French musette and a Scottish bagpipe fanfare.

Thanks to its parodic approach, the new spot series makes listeners smile and reinforces the familiar, entertaining character of Schreiner48 spots.

How does the successful Swiss ski racer Wendy Holdener warm up before a winning downhill run? With an unsweetened Caffè Wendy? In any case, she toasts her gold medals with it. We were allowed to realistically record their rapid slalom ride including commentary by legend Berni Schär and applause. But her smile speaks for itself, of course.

In the land of cheese, it is difficult to choose individual specialties when shopping. That’s why the stories make the difference. The stories about the origins of regional cheeses were recorded in our studio and accompanied by appropriate sound design. Whether well researched or even better invented – the cheese stories go straight to the ears of Migros customers and shape their purchasing decisions at the cheese counter.

The Corona virus was the reason that countless concerts were postponed, festivals were cancelled and concert halls were closed. A shock for artists and a bitter loss for the audience. As a support for one of the affected industries, the Ghostfestival was created, which took place solely in the thoughts. The Ghost Festival spoke from the hearts of us culture creators, so setting the quadrilingual festival trailer to music was our donation to this unique project.