Bobby Gertsch founded Promoton in Wynigen 25 years ago. The company specialized early on in audio and radio advertising and created sounding content for clients such as Migros Aare or various Bernese private radio stations and SMEs.

In recent years, Promoton, now based in the city of Bern, has expanded its core competencies and is now increasingly focusing on new types of multimedia content and concepts for the information and entertainment sector. Nice noise’s offerings include commercials, soundtracks, exciting videos and immersive audio.

The name nice noise as well as the new, dancing branding, implemented by the renowned Bernese agency Studio Thom Pfister, emphasize the expanded company focus that appeals to all senses. The young and highly creative team of nice noise passionately implements the visions of their customers and creates new listening experiences.
The creations of nice noise are encountered on the radio, in the cinema and on television, in museums and exhibitions, or at events that radiate beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Bobby Gertsch, his company partners Nadja Ender and the enterprising composer and sound designer Moritz Schneider as well as the dynamic team bring the
nice-noise-DNA so to the point:

“Sound, music and moving images are our passion. With great commitment we work with people for people. Passionate, familiar and with the highest quality. We don’t want to be the biggest studio, but one of the best.”